Zhou, BlakeResearch Assistant

    43 Vassar Street, Room: 46-4285
    Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

    Email: blakevz@mit.edu

    Education & Training

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    BS., Brain & Cognitive Sciences, 2020

    Short Biography

    Blake graduated from MIT in 2020 with a BS in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and a minor in Biology. Their previous research in Matt Wilson’s lab focused on the effects of thalamic inhibition on spatial learning in rodents. Additionally, they profiled recurrent thalamocortical networks by mapping whole-brain inputs in Mriganka Sur’s lab. After graduating, Blake joined the Heiman Lab in the summer of 2020 as a research associate, where they currently study mechanisms of neurogenesis in the striatum.

    Suphinya Sathitloetsakun